Show your legacy infrastructure to the door

Aging infrastructures are expensive and complicated to maintain. Our reliable, secure, and compliant Super Network makes it easy for any telco carrier to seamlessly access the PSTN without their own TDM facilities. You’ll drastically reduce upfront expenses and eliminate upkeep costs meaning savings to invest in future services and growth.

Now is the time for your digital transformation

Embrace the shift to cloud-based IP services and achieve business continuity while avoiding the risk of downtime and lost productivity. Cloud communications give you a competitive edge and let you quickly expand into new markets. Scale with increased reliability and security while enabling your customers to stay connected from wherever their team is located.

Don’t get outplayed by your competition

Your customers are challenged to effectively support a distributed, remote, and hybrid workforce — but legacy infrastructures don’t interoperate nicely with collaboration solutions. Sinch’s connectivity solution gives you nationwide IP access with a single network, so you can provide your customers with smart and flexible services they need to keep employees and customers connected.

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Sinch has the largest owned and operated facilities-based footprint covering 94.5% of the U.S. with over 12,800 on-net rate centers 


Minutes of use annually on our network

1 in 21M

Averaging only one trouble ticket per 21 million minutes of use


Directly connected calls originate and terminate on our tier-1 network

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Nationwide coverage

We implemented the largest, most successful nationwide IP migration — full coverage supporting PSTN connection in 189 LATAs. 


Nationwide build-out provides infrastructure for rapid deployment and support of business objectives.

Cloud switching

Enjoy a seamless transition and smooth sailing all the way to the best possible customer experience.

Voice services

Get a complete voice solution from one provider, with unsurpassed quality through a single connection — and limitless reach. 

PSTN Connect

Many wireless carriers, LECs, cable companies, and service providers rely on us for PSTN connectivity. We completed the largest, most successful nationwide implementation for two of the country's largest wireless carriers. 

IP Connect

Amp up direct connections, optimize your infrastructure, and deliver next-level rich voice and video connectivity. You'll enjoy a seamless transition and smooth sailing all the way to the best possible customer experience. 

IPES Support

Get seamless access to an all-IP connection with all the IPES carrier benefits.


Fight back against robocalls, increase call answer rates, and build consumer trust. We offer hosted call authentication to support your efforts. 

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Ask us how to decommission your TDM today!

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