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Connect with the leading PSTN Connect service provider

  • Gain without the pain

    Sinch's robust, nationwide all-IP network solution lets you connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) without building or maintaining your own telecom ecosystem.

  • Deliver excellence

    Our comprehensive PSTN Connect offers world-class service, diversity, simplicity, and cost savings by eliminating legacy TDM connections — a smart solution for local exchange carriers (LECs), wireless carriers, communication service providers (CSPs), and cable companies.

  • Enjoy unmatched quality and reliability

    Our 100% IP network was designed and built by experts to be the largest and highest quality on-net footprint in the U.S. — and the fact it isn't pieced together with multiple providers means you’ll avoid backbone outages.

  • Rely on the industry leader

    Sinch is the biggest provider of PSTN Connect service, with many wireless, LEC, cable, and CSP customers. Plus, we completed the largest and most successful nationwide implementation for two of the country's largest wireless carriers!

  • Get support for all call types

    Sinch provides transport for all inbound local and long distance calls, including toll-free and delivers voice traffic to you via diverse SIP connections, with support for outbound local and long distance routing.


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Say goodbye to legacy technology

Time to evolve your network and kick your old technology to the curb! We have the network covered for you with a single all-IP solution.

Reap the cost saving benefits and meet your mandates to turn down your legacy TDM network — Sinch gives you seamless nationwide access with IP interconnectivity to a single ubiquitous and robust network.

Let us save you from the complexity and cost of building or maintaining your own infrastructure!

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Get support from experts dedicated to your success

Sinch deployed the country's largest and most successful PSTN replacement network. We provide new communication entrants a path for footprint expansion and help existing providers eliminate interconnections while retaining carrier status.

Our secret? Our team's deep knowledge about all stages of your implementation!

You’ll get a dedicated project manager and regional support teams to help you at every turn, keep your deployment on track, and set you up for success.

Get nationwide coverage

We implemented the largest, most successful nationwide IP migration, with full coverage supporting PSTN connection in 189 LATAs.

Accelerate speed to market

Our nationwide build-out provides infrastructure for quick deployment and support of business objectives.

Expand free of charge

Sinch's PSTN Connect allows for unlimited growth with no up-front expansion costs.

Save money

Replace fixed costs with variable! Without TDM, you'll lower capital expenses, stabilize costs, and optimize headcount.

Keep access billing revenues

Reduce fixed costs with Sinch's switching, backhaul network and trouble resolution support.

Be STIR/SHAKEN compliant

Protect customers from robocalls and stay compliant with STIR/SHAKEN.

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