Reduce messaging costs and increase ROI

Guarantee relevant numbers, avoid costly delivery errors, and improve the value of SMS with a contact database that’s always up to date. 

Increase security and stay compliant

Verify sensitive customer details to keep data safe and send SMS securely. Making sure you have correct customer data is important to satisfy privacy and marketing regulations. 

Minimize data travel

Save time and money with fast messaging routed directly to customers’ home networks, even if they have switched providers.

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Keep up to date with the numbers and customers that matter to you

Accurate billing and routing are critical for effective SMS and voice calls. Identify mobile number networks with Number Lookup, and be sure to get it right every time! 

Using Sinch messaging services today? Great, we’re already routing numbers for you efficiently, so relax. 

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Quality data at your fingertips with Number Lookup services

If you’re looking for excellent performance when it comes to availability, throughput, latency, redundancy, and resilience, we’ve got you covered. Our service is built on a true carrier-grade platform to ensure the very best performance. 

Quick and easy access to Number Lookup

Enhance your communications and keep your database as clean as a whistle. Number Lookup checks against first-party numbering sources and provides real-time feedback.

Access Number Lookup via either ENUM or HTTP/HTTPS. 

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Number Portability Lookup

Optimized routing for the lowest cost every time – just check number network status for the latest information. 

Number Portability Lookup shows which network a subscriber is using. Data sources for this information are updated overnight. For some regions, only a real-time lookup is available.

Real-Time Lookup

Real-Time Lookup searches a mobile network to see if a number is in active service and for which network.

It’s valuable because if your customer is likely to have ported during the day you check, Number Portability Lookup will give you the wrong answer, and if the number has been taken out of service, Number Portability Lookup will not reflect this either. 

Enhanced Number Lookup

Detect fraud and help prevent fake accounts with easy access to valuable network information from one account.

Check type of number, sponsor network, and more in any country where the service is available.

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Number check

Boost delivery and conversion rates while saving money on marketing campaigns. Test numbers to check someone is ready and waiting to receive your messages! 

Strict compliance

We love to help our clients stay compliant! We’re an authorized reseller of number lookup services, and we follow licensing requirements related to data use and protection of information in the U.S. and Canada. 

System security

Greater efficiency, improved trust, and reduced time to solve issues thanks to protected data for each country. 

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • How do I perform a number check/lookup?

    Get in touch with us directly and, depending on your use case, we can do it for you. We can also perform Enhanced Number Lookup in North America. 

    Note that if you already use Sinch messaging services, we already check numbers for you. 

  • What information can I get from a number lookup?

    Performing a number lookup identifies the network that a mobile phone number belongs to. This enables accurate SMS and/or voice call routing. 

    Extended Real-Time Lookup identifies whether a number is in service. This can help clean up databases by deleting numbers no longer in use. 

  • Can Real-Time Lookup be used to identify a customer's location?

    Not really. However granular a location, revealing a location without the consent of the end user can put them at risk. In most cases, mobile operators protect their customers and block this information from being available. There are still a few countries where revealing the in-country network the end user is connected to can identify if the end user is outside their home country. 

  • What is the difference between Real-Time and Number Portability Lookup?

    Real-Time Lookup can provide details on the status of a mobile phone number – information on whether it’s active or inactive and which network the number is assigned to. Number Portability Lookup will only provide details on which network the number is assigned to. For some regions, only a real-time lookup is available. 

  • When should I use Real-Time Lookup and when should I use Number Portability Lookup?

    Real-Time and Number Portability Lookup are two different kinds of back-end services. Real-Time Lookup presents live information on mobile phone status. Number Portability Lookup uses mainly databases that hold information purely on which network a phone is subscribed to. Number Portability Lookup is generally faster and has broader coverage. 

  • What is Enhanced Number Lookup?

    Enhanced Number Lookup is a robust value-add service that removes the complexity of subscriber information and authentication services, providing additional details when requesting number lookup data. Through access with one single account, you can get information on network, type of number, sponsor network, home network identity with port-corrected information, and more, in virtually any country where this service is enabled. Get in touch with us to learn more!  

  • Is Sinch an authorized reseller of the number lookup services in North America?

    Yes. In the U.S. and Canada, Sinch is licensed as a reseller to provide queried data for sale unless the functionality is expressly limited to call routing function.  

  • Is Sinch’s Number Lookup service fully redundant?

    We have gone to great lengths to ensure redundancy and resiliency of our number lookup services. We have multiple application nodes in each datacenter, sufficient throughput to service the number of queries based on historical data, regular operational reviews of volumes, and geographic redundancy in case of any regional outages. 

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