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Deliver world-class customer service

Be available to your customers with real-time replies via a chatbot or hand off to an agent. Continue the conversation post-purchase.

Build meaningful relationships

Increase brand awareness, maximize content reach, and encourage user-generated content. 

Improve customer knowledge

Streamline the buyer journey with personalized recommendations and integrated data sources.

Enhance brand value

Send private replies to commenters to acquire more users and get valuable feedback.

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Boost brand loyalty and engagement with a five-star customer experience

Manage inbound messages, create instant auto-replies, and extend your brand’s reach. No need to add messaging experts to your team - the Messenger API for Instagram can be integrated into your existing tools or an omnichannel messaging API. 

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Enable data-driven marketing and personalized customer care

Sinch is a Facebook Business Solutions partner and provides access to Instagram Messages through our Conversation API.

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1 billion monthly active users

Engage with your current and future customers on Instagram to provide excellent customer care and encourage web conversions to your site.

Enhance brand value

Send private replies to commenters to acquire more users and get valuable feedback.

Seamless two-way messaging

Save time with suggested quick replies and automated away messages. Dynamically suggest products and services, while retaining context and continuity.

Improve brand perception

Immediately reply to direct messages for an always-on experience. Get notified when a customer mentions you in a story. Reduce the time to resolve customer questions.

Scalable service

Don’t be limited by the number of admins on your business profile. Automate chats and connect to your CRM for a full view of user preferences, purchase history, and engagement.

Listen to your customer

Users reach out to brands on social media. Address comments, questions, and mentions instantly. Hand off more advanced requests to your team after the bot filters initial messages.

Increase brand visibility

Conversational commerce makes the customer journey seamless. Allow users to see your full product catalog or visit your website.

Simple integration

With our omnichannel Conversation API you can quickly get set up with your Messenger credentials. The global messaging experts at Sinch are here to help!

Put your data to work

Gain insights from engagement, conversions, and user mentions. Visualize trends in your CRM and connect preferences to intent.

Rich media

Send and receive text, images, and videos in a rich two-way chat. Reduce the amount of time and effort on your customer care team. 

Go omnichannel

Be available where your customers are. Extend your reach to WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and more. 

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Got questions? We've got answers!

Sign up for Messenger API for Instagram

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Conversation API

One conversation. One customer profile. One API. All the messaging channels you need!


Send and receive text messages at scale through a single connection.


Sinch supports a wide range of channels so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

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