Increase conversion

Send conversion rates soaring with seamless account registration and login alongside quick and easy user validation.

Prevent fraud

Reduce unauthorized account activity with SMS OTP for two-factor authentication (2FA) on sign-up, login, and transaction approvals. 

Scale globally

Take on the world! Scale with ease thanks to our expert local knowledge combined with deep carrier integration. 

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Simple. Secure. Scalable. SMS Verification just works

Texts are universally available on mobile devices - ready to send around the world! Keep it simple with a one-time passcode via SMS for sign-up, login, or transaction approvals.

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Hi! Here is your one-time passcode for BrickBank account verification: 2879

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Our standard: high delivery, low latency

Verify your end-users in seconds with our powerful super network and intelligent routing, specifically optimized for verification SMS. 
Looking for analytics? Check out our self-serve portal to keep an eye on conversion rates, fault detection, and prevention. 

Build with confidence - send your first SMS Verification in minutes

Our SMS authentication integrates seamlessly into sign-up or login flows via our REST API: 

curl -X POST \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"  --data " \
        { \
                "identity": { \
                       "type":"number", \
                       "endpoint":"+1555123123" \
               }, \
               "method":"sms" \
        }" \


Custom templates

Looking for a little help with content? With default templates in over 20 languages, we can even help you set up custom templates if needed. 

Flexible integration

Integration is a piece of cake with our flexible options and self-serve portal. REST API or SDK for Android, iOS, or JavaScript – we’ve got you covered. 

Automatic OTP capture

A seamless CX from the very first touchpoint. SMS verification captures the one-time password (OTP) automatically – no user action required. 

Reporting API

Learn more about your audience, no matter where they are. Real-time analytics on conversion rates and user interactions await in our powerful reporting API. 

Optimized routes

Verify without delay. Data from our reporting API performs intelligent routing, optimized specifically for verification SMS to ensure maximum throughput. 

Satisfy compliance

An ISO27001-certified solution, governed by EU GDPR and enabled through cryptographically secure code generation and storage.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • How does SMS Verification work?

    Verification verifies identity by sending a code in a text message to a mobile phone. That code is then either captured automatically or is entered manually by the user into a sign-up or login field to access an account. 

  • Why use SMS instead of authenticator apps?

    When it comes to two-factor authentication (2FA), SMS has one main advantage over authenticator apps – market penetration. 2FA codes sent via SMS can be received on any SMS enabled handset, but authenticator apps need a smartphone to work. 

  • How can two-factor authentication protect sensitive information?

    By using an additional layer of security (a second factor), customers can be protected from fraudulent attempts to access their online accounts. When customers trying to log-in to an account need to provide further proof of ID in addition to a password, things can get a bit more difficult for people trying to access accounts unlawfully. Someone may have figured out your password, but do they have the mobile phone that the PIN number will be texted to, or the ID card to swipe and complete the second factor required to gain access? 

  • How can I use two-factor authentication to confirm user ID?

    Two Factor authentication (2FA) is a great way to confirm user ID. There are so many scams and fraudulent attempts to access accounts these days that introducing a second factor to verify identity just makes sense. 
    2FA pairs something a user knows, with something they have – for example, a password with a mobile phone or a token, key fob or ID card. It’s the second layer of security that ensures the account is not being accessed fraudulently, if someone does not have the mobile phone that receives the one-time passcode via SMS then they should not be accessing the account and so will be denied. 

  • What are the advantages of using SMS Verification products over a traditional SMS service?

    Traditional SMS only focuses on delivery rates, whereas Sinch SMS Verification recognizes that receiving the correct OTP code back is equally important. Capturing this data via our reporting API provides real-time statistics that enable us to monitor and then push traffic through the most appropriate route to maximize speed – ensuring OTP codes are delivered as quickly as possible. 

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