Global reach on any device

Make sure you can reach users on any device. If SMS and Flash Call don't cut it, call verification can step in to save the day and deliver a one-time password.

Powerful customization

Adjust your voice prompts to the user’s location, customs and language. 

Effortless compliance

Verify any mobile or landline number with an inclusive method that aligns with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). 

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Enhanced security and global reach - see Phone Call Verification in action

With this method, the user receives an incoming phone call with a voice code delivered by a text-to-speech software. The user then enters the code manually to log in and access the platform or system.

Users can also set up landline phones for Phone Call Verification if they don't have access to a mobile device. 

Sinch verification
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Verify users on a global scale with a robust and secure solution

Verify users on any device in their own language and across platforms. Enjoy easy integration - no security or telecom knowledge required!

With Sinch, you adjust your voice prompt to any country and make sure you always hit the mark when it comes to local customs and language. 


Secure access to platforms and systems for customers or employees with a simple phone call. 


Reinforce security for sensitive operations and transactions by adding an extra layer of security to your user identification process. 


Make password resets quick and frictionless for a better user experience. 

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Build with confidence and make your first verification call in minutes

Our Phone Call authentication integrates seamlessly into your signup flow through our REST API. We make it easy:  

  • Sign up for a free account  

  • Create your application access API credentials  

  • Send a Phone Call Verification request using your API credentials and specify the phone number to verify 

  • Send a report verification request with the code you received  

  • Voilà - verification complete! 

You can also try our Verification SDK to use our verification products. 

curl -X PST \
       -H  "Content-Type:  application/json"     --data "   \
             {   \
                           "identity":   {   \
                                      "type" : "number" ,   \
                                      "endpoint" : "+1555123123"   \
                         },   \
                         "method" : "callout"   \
              } "   \


Multiple language support

Let us worry about which language your end user needs their voice call in – our API has it all under control! 

Callback function

Need confirmation of verification? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a quick callback to your backend when end users have been verified. 

Digital inclusion

Phone Call Verification is an inclusive method that ensures no user is left behind.

Satisfy compliance

An ISO27001-certified solution, governed by EU GDPR and enabled through cryptographically secure code generation and storage.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • What is Voice Call Verification?

    Phone Call Verification is the verification method with the highest delivery rate - it reaches customers when all other methods fail! Users receive a robocall with a verification token they need to enter to complete the registration or login process. This solution is available for both mobile and landline numbers. For users who don't own a mobile, Phone Call Verification is the only option.

  • Manual or auto top-up: How do I choose?

    After you've made your first payment in the dashboard, you’ll have the option to use our auto top-up feature via PayPal. With auto top-up, you can set a credit value to automatically be charged to your PayPal account as soon as your have less than $1 in credit. If you do not want to use this feature, just leave it blank and use the manual top-up option. Using manual top-up, you can add credit whenever you need it. 

  • How do I use two-factor authentication to increase security?

    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to you identity verification process to prevent fraud. One of the most popular ways to perform 2FA is to have a single-use, time-sensitive PIN code sent to a user’s mobile phone. After the first security check, the user enters the PIN code to confirm their identity and access their account.

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