IP-enabled on-net NPA-NXXs for local and long-distance calling


IP-to-IP minutes cross our network every year


Wave strong network directly connected to every major carrier and service provider

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Connect to the largest, tried-and-true voice IP exchange in the U.S

Communication is so much more than a phone call. HD voice, HD video, and rich messaging are constantly evolving. As more devices support exciting ways to get in touch, a top-class network is critical in delivering the best quality service. 

Our flexible network is built to support new technologies and help customers speak to who they want and how they want. 

Your customers get the richest possible experience, and you get to relax safe in the knowledge that you're getting the most from your infrastructure investment. It's a win-win.

One partner for all your communication needs. Simple

  • Sophisticated and interconnected

    Having the most sophisticated and interconnected network is only part of our mission. Our comprehensive, deeply connected voice IPX service is futureproofed and ready to connect to video, rich communication services (RCS), and other IPX services.

  • High-definition voice

    Boost the customer experience with end-to-end high-definition voice. Our service supports native exchange of HD voice using AMR-WB, AMR-NB, EVS, and other leading codecs.

  • Voice IPX

    Automatically convert traffic when the destination doesn't support IP. Our voice exchange connects you to the most IP-based communication providers through a single vendor. Plus, it supports a variety of codecs to meet every need.

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Get closer to next-generation IP-based communication providers

Enjoy unparalleled reach and superior quality with our owned and operated IP-based network connecting your customers to the best voice, video, and messaging experience possible.

Network discovery capability

Automatic optimal signaling and codec detection between two users for conversion and transcoding.

High-definition voice and video

Make 300–3400 HZ a thing of the past, and impress customers with HD voice and video.

Native STIR/SHAKEN support

Reduce spoofed robocalls thanks to the most STIR/SHAKEN enabled connections in the U.S.

Rich messaging

No limits on the messaging experience, thanks to our rich communication services (RCS) network.

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