Innovative network protection

Our Signaling Firewall, developed in partnership with the Sinch Security Research Program, goes beyond GSMA recommendations - so you’re protected against more than just ordinary signaling attacks. 


A partner you can count on

We have years of experience in operator security and signaling security, and we actively participate in industry forums. To back it all up, we’re accredited in the industry hall of fame! 


In-depth experience

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of international roaming, and having worked with operators for many years, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive protection in the industry. 

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Don’t be caught off guard. Our intuitive interface has the power to visualize and analyze trends and attacks in the network, making sure you get notice of incoming issues. 

Modular components

One size does not fit all. We offer SS7, Diameter, and SMS Firewall as modular components in one unified solution, so that you can tailor protection to fit your exact needs. 

Threat intelligence

Stay one step ahead of the bad guys! Identify and analyze suspicious sources, and track subsequent series of attacks. 

Malformed packet attack protection

Our protection goes above and beyond what’s recommended by the GSMA, and defends against much more than just signaling based attacks. 

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What are you waiting for? Start working with the signaling security experts!

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