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Increase efficiency and productivity by leveraging the cloud.

Our cloud-based fax service enables you to improve your communications and simplify your business processes, all while saving money as compared to traditional fax and/or on-premise server equipment that are dedicated to only sending and receiving faxes. 

Reliability is key — and we get it

Fax reliability is of critical importance in today’s information-driven businesses. Our cloud-based fax service is designed to deliver every single fax reliably — no matter your industry, business, type, size or volume.

Sinch Fax API
Sinch Cloud Fax

Simple administration

Create and manage users, groups, roles, and permissions from our customer portal. 

In other words, Sinch makes it easy!

Status updates

Receive status updates on sent, delivered, or failed attempts. If an attempt fails, users have the option to retry sending from the portal.

Automatic retries

Eliminate manual resends of failed faxes resulting from busy lines and other fax-related errors.

Pooled storage

One gigabyte of storage for each fax telephone number with pooled storage across all fax users.

Multiple file formats for sending faxes

Our solution supports DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIF, JPG, ODT, TXT, and PNG.

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