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Professional and beautiful emails, designed in minutes

Empower your users to easily create impactful email marketing campaigns and newsletters with Sinch Mailjet’s intuitive drag-and-drop Email Editor. Users can choose from pre-designed templates or build their own by adding branded content, photographs, videos, links, and GIFs. Emails created with Sinch Mailjet’s Email Editor are responsive and optimized across all email clients and screens, so they always look perfect. 

Create and edit effortlessly

Quickly create email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automated emails without touching a single line of code.

Segment and analyze

Group subscribers with similar interests and behaviors to send customized and personalized messages, and collect deeper insights with each send.

Automate engagement

Engage with your subscribers automatically at all major touchpoints and save time by automating welcome and onboarding emails, date-based emails, and more.

Run A/B tests

Continuously optimize your emails by running A/B tests on your sender name, subject lines, or visual content. Test up to 10 versions and see what lands best!

Offer pre-designed templates

Give your users a library of beautiful, pre-built templates to choose from so they can create and send campaigns quickly.

Protect your sender reputation

Make sure that email addresses on your contact lists are real and valid before you press send.

Track and optimize

Use our advanced statistics to track campaign performance in real time, analyze customer behavior, and optimize your strategy to hit your highest open rates and increase conversions and retention.

Collaborate in real time

Streamline the creation process, accelerate decision-making, and get your emails out faster with Sinch Mailjet’s innovative collaboration features designed for teams.

Support customers globally

Support a diverse and global user base. Sinch Mailjet Embedded is localized for nine languages.

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Rapid integration

Sinch Mailjet Embedded can be integrated within a matter of weeks. Your license will come with a straightforward implementation guide and a Sinch Mailjet Technical Account Manager who will partner with you to get to market quickly. If you'd like to add features or customize the platform, your TAM will be able to answer any questions that arise.    

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