Prevent social engineering risk

End-users never need to share or show a pin code in the verification process, so there’s no room for social engineering. 

Deliver a seamless UX

The fastest verification method on the market today. Once your end-user provides a phone number, it’s a friction-free, zero-click process.

Boost conversion rates

Make it easy for new customers to register and reduce failed signups with seamless verification running in the background at all times. 

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Amp up safety and build loyalty throughout the customer journey

Offer super secure, seamless verification for a smooth UX and quick user access to your platform. 

Thanks to direct integration into carrier networks, Data Verification runs quietly in the background, without any user-interaction required. Plus, it's suitable for any mobile device with a mobile data connection!


Improve online payment security, and quickly onboard new users into your app. Easy as pie. 


Reduce cart abandonment and increase revenue with verified, secure transactions every time. 

Social apps

Reduce churn and duplicated accounts with simplified one-factor authentication (1FA) on mobile devices. 

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Phone with a security message

Stronger security without the hard work

Thanks to our direct integration with carriers, we verify end-user phone numbers against subscriber information first-hand using trusted protocols. No need to share any private data with companies or mobile network operators!

Easy, flexible integration with our REST API and SDK

Keep control of phone verification requests, status updates, and notifications with our REST API and reduce development and maintenance time with our SDK for Android, iOS, or JavaScript. 

curl -X POST \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"  --data " \
        { \
                "identity": { \
                       "type":"number", \
                       "endpoint":"+1555123123" \
               }, \
               "method":"seamless" \
        }" \


Faster performance

We've got the fastest verification method around. Get onboard!

Seamless all the way

The magic happens in the background in just a couple of seconds. 


Universal support

Works with any mobile device with a data connection - both web and apps. 

Satisfy compliance

An ISO27001-certified solution, governed by EU GDPR.


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Got questions?

  • What is Data Verification?

    Mobile Data Verification is a highly secure mobile number verification method that’s directly integrated into carrier networks. It offers a smooth user experience and gives users quick access to your platform.

  • How does Data Verification work?

    Using information held by the operator, we match a user’s phone number with the mobile network carrier’s data to verify identity. This takes less than 5 seconds. The user only needs to consent; no further action is needed.

  • How does Data Verification differ from other methods?

    Unlike most methods, Data Verification doesn't require users to enter a PIN or any private info to get verified. The verification happens behind the scenes, and isn't visible to end-users. This removes the risk of errors and social engineering. 

  • Can Data Verification be combined with other methods?

    Yes, Sinch verification methods can be mixed and matched based on use cases and business goals. 

    To offer the smoothest customer UX, identify the best verification method for each customer journey. Data Verification is not suitable for all markets or applications, but with Unified Verification, it's easy to combine and access all Sinch verification products from one API.

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