Personalized, meaningful relationships

Build loyalty with crystal clear audio and low latency for a secure voice experience that sets brands apart.

Engage customers locally and globally

Reach customers on any platform and channel, whether they’re on an app, web browser, mobile, or landline. 

Find new synergies and cut costs

Optimize your business, reduce costs, and add flexibility by automating and moving communications to the cloud. 

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Build trust and boost engagement with real-time communication

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Voice API

Design the exact voice call flow you need with flexible and scalable solutions.

Number Masking

Masking numbers to anonymize voice calls can protect you and your customers while keeping personal numbers safe.


Fight back against robocalls, increase call answer rates, and build consumers' trust.
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Want more? Bring your application security to the next level with our Verification API

Protect your business, enhance customer experience and boost conversion rates through simple, secure sign-ups and logins.

Use our APIs to set up smart, scalable phone number verification and authenticate users on any device, across platforms, and in multiple languages, wherever they are. 

Why choose Sinch for voice and video calling

  • Supernetwork for top-notch quality

    We make sure you always get the best call quality at the best possible price. How do we do this? Well, having extensive experience of voice calling technology and a robust network of local operators certainly helps. 

  • Cross-platform support

    Create your own mix of PSTN, VoIP, and SIP to reach customers on any platform, via an app, their phone, or through SIP.

  • Privacy compliance

    Here at Sinch, we never compromise on data protection! We build our solutions and manage user data with privacy laws in mind. We are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. 

  • Self-service portal with customer data

    We help you make smarter business decisions! Our customer portal allows you to monitor call characteristics and usage patterns in real time and create customized reports to better understand customer needs. 

Big ideas

What are you waiting for? Add voice and video chat features to your platform now!

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