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Unbeatable engagement

Get instant attention and the highest reach, open, and read rates on a channel customers already use

Best-in-class SMS delivery

With our enterprise-grade platform, we make sure your SMS messages always get through. 

Limitless global scalability

Sending SMS globally? We've got deep local and international knowledge and premium customer support!

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Don't take our word for it. Try our API!

Alerts, pin codes, appointment reminders, promotions? Whatever the situation, our bulk SMS messaging service ensures you're relevant and timely.  

Whether you're a developer or a marketer, we'll have you sending your first SMS in no time! 

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Brick Bank Fraud Alert: Did you just try to pay $500.00 @VST with Visa credit card ending in 3467? Reply Yes to confirm or No to report fraud. 


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Thank you for verifying your activity. Your card is available for continued use. To Opt Out reply STOP.

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Integrate SMS with a few lines of code

Create an account and start building with confidence! Easy integration and in-depth documentation makes it simple to use our SMS API to boost your business.

No credit card necessary — just sign up, get a virtual test number and start testing for free! Our global APIs and SDKs are waiting for you, with documentation available for Java, PHP, Node, .NET Core, and REST API! 


curl -X POST \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"  -d '
          "from": "12345",
          "to": [
          "body": "Hi there! How are you?"
      }' \

Tier-1 super network

With 600+ direct carrier connections, we ensure quick, reliable SMS delivery, anywhere!

Carrier-grade platform

Send bulk SMS messages in a snap with a robust, secure, and fast platform that scales with you. 

Global compliance

Send SMS anywhere with peace of mind! We're always compliant with customer data regulations.

Smart routing

Our smart routing engine prioritizes for cost and speed of message delivery to suit your needs.

1 or 2-way SMS

Don’t need a reply? Go for one-way SMS messaging! Or start engaging two-way SMS conversations! 

Safety first

We work hard to prevent fraud and spam so that you and your customers get the most out of our SMS service. 

Customer insights

Make data-driven decisions! Manage your campaigns and monitor SMS delivery via our self-serve portal.

Local numbers

Get access to carefully-tested virtual local numbers and short codes for two-way SMS in 60+ countries. 

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Explore our competitive and transparent SMS messaging pricing

Got questions about SMS? We've got answers!

  • What is an SMS API?

    SMS API allows your business to integrate SMS messaging into your existing software platforms. With SMS APIs you can send and receive SMS messages quickly and easily through any application or website. 

  • How can my business start sending bulk SMS to increase customer engagement?

    It's easy! Sinch can help you set it up and our technical support is here for you every step of the way.  
    Increasing engagement through a medium that never leaves your customers' side is just as simple. With open rates of over 90%, SMS messaging makes sure that offers, invites, reminders, and notifications are delivered and acted on. 

  • How do I receive SMS message replies?

    You need to purchase an inbound SMS number to receive replies. If you already have a Sinch SMS account, please contact customer support or your Account Manager and we'll help you get this sorted. 

  • Why is SMS delivery time important?

    For text messages that need to be delivered immediately, you need a SMS service with low latency. Two-factor authentication, banking or ticketing applications are good examples where instant delivery is essential to the end user.

  • How do I know if my messages were delivered?

    For every SMS or MMS sent with Sinch’s REST APIs, we receive information about the delivery status of the message from the carriers. This information is then available to you in our delivery reports.

  • Can I send bulk text messages internationally to multiple countries at a time?

    Yes you can! Just make sure that you're using the right country codes when uploading international numbers so they're routed correctly.  
    Please be aware that as messages are charged per network and destination, costs may vary on messages sent internationally.


Level up your customer experience and set your brand apart with rich, compelling messages - discover our MMS API!


Rich Media, guided responses, and an app-like experience, all in the users SMS inbox.


Set up quickly, build trust, and get high delivery rates? You can do it all with 10DLC!

Toll-Free Numbers

A toll-free SMS number inspires trust & confidence on the receiving end. Sinch toll-free texting makes it easy to engage with more customers!

Short Codes

In a messaging campaign your number represents your brand, so why not make it recognizable? Short and sweet!
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